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Christine's gift logo"Christine's Online?", "What is it?", "What are you doing?"... these are just the few of the messages we received when we first changed our social media channels to reflect the new name. 

Owning Hallmark stores for 17 years was a great adventure but it was a long time to be working retail, managing a staff and navigating the ups and downs of a brick and mortar store. Extra time with our family, enjoying the holiday season and slowing down a bit was an enticing prospect. However, we had created a family of Christine’s fans and we still enjoy the “hunt” of finding new product.

So, we’re not exactly sure what we’re doing yet or what Christine’s Online is… but we plan to be on the hunt for some new finds, great deals and curating seasonal gift selections. We’ll share our finds online and as we start out, we’ll have limited stock. When we sell out of an item, we’ll be sold out.

Let us know the types of gifts that you would like to find here. What occasions do you shop for? Who do you want to connect with by sending a little pick-me-up?

We’re open to ideas and like always, the suggestions from family, friends and our customers will help guide the products you’ll find on this website.  

Come along for the ride and let’s see what we can create with Christine’s Online.

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