Hosting a Virtual Game Night!

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If we can’t be with family and friends, why not host a virtual game night?

A great way to stay in touch with loved ones. Kids and adults enjoy playing games and it adds a lot more fun to those virtual conversations. Where do you start?  We have a few ideas – and great games – for your next virtual game night!

Choose a date and time, and then decide on your connection – Zoom, FaceTime or Skype – all can be used to play games virtually!

Blank Slate GameNow the fun part… pick the games! Some games are easier to play virtually and a few just happen to be our favorites. Blank Slate is an easy game to play virtually. Each virtual friend takes a turn pulling out the “Cue Card” and everyone can write an answer on their card. Flip the answer around, share with the group and tally your points.

Tenzi is an awesome dice game to play virtually. Perfect for kids of all ages. Make sure everyone has a set of Tenzi dice, pick your favorite Tenzi roll-off game and the start the fun! You can find lots of Tenzi game variations on Pinterest.

Snack Tray

 A game night is not complete without snacks. Create an appetizing snack board with popcorn, candy and pretzels or go healthy and load up with your favorite veggies and dip. Show off your creations and decide who has created the best snack spread!

So, make a date, pick your games, create a connection and have some fun – virtually!

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